Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Report: 11/22-11/28

Man, it was a rough week. Only able to grind three days thanks to the holiday and familial obligations, but a lot of good was accomplished.

This is also a good reminder on how to be a pro. A professional takes the good with the bad, the winning weeks with the losing weeks. And as Ari likes to remind us, we are playing a losing game. World class players only win tournaments 2% of the time, and make the money only 15% of the time. Progress was made last week in consistently going deep (367 of 2910, 279 of 4171, 496 of 5593, etc.) and playing against the top competition. My challenge this week? Playing THREE tables simultaneously well. Did a little bit of that yesterday - and it pushed me past my comfort zone. But it wasn't impossible, and sometimes we need to be pushed past our comfort zones in life.

So, here's to embracing the losing, lessons learned, and a FULL WEEK of primetime grind!


-$290.95 (weekly profit)

$52.72 :average cash (weekly)

-35.6% :weekly ROI

67 :weekly games played

10 :weekly cashes

14.9% :weekly cash %

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