Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Wednesday Weight Update 1/7/11

I know, I know, it's not Wednesday - blame it on Anna. So, after donking off all of last week at the plate and starting anew this Monday, ready to go hardcore for the final fifteen, read on for the verdict...

We (I) began this journey back on July 13, 2010. I will post all my "official" Herbalife stats and milestones and we will compare my progress after my weekly check-ins. If not motivational for you, it'll definitely keep my fat ass on the program...

July 13, 2010 (The Beginning)
body fat: 25.3%
body age: 63
Embrace (Herba)Life!
BMI: 29.3
visceral fat (fat around the organs): 11%
muscle: 35.7%
waist: 36 inches
pounds: 216

July 13, 2010 (Target Goals)
body fat: 8%
body age: 30
BMI: 24
visceral fat (fat around the organs): 9%
muscle: 44%
waist: 32 inches (readjusted goal; original goal = 34 inches)
pounds: 168 (readjusted goal; original goal = 185)

December 1, 2010 (Last Check-in)
body fat: 18.3%
body age: 48 (I look young for my age)
BMI: 25
visceral fat (fat around the organs): 7%
muscle: 39.2%
waist: 33 inches
pounds: 184

January 7. 2011 (Current)
body fat: 18.2%
body age: 49 (I still think this number is wrong, but whatevs)
BMI: 24
visceral fat (fat around the organs): 7%
muscle: 39.3%
waist: 33 inches
pounds: 184

So I gained a pound. It could have been a LOT worse. What's interesting is that my muscle percentage nudged up. Ya boy's been gettin' it in at the weight room, rehabbing the microfractured knee. And with a whole lot of grinding going on this month, I'll be spending a lot of time at the setup, drinking my meals and healthy calories. Sixteen pounds, 24 days...

Let's keep this thing GOING!!!

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