Monday, February 20, 2012

The Agassi Corollary: Image IS Everything

Live poker is easy. There – I said it. Okay, it’s not just easy in a vacuum, but it is easier than online poker. Or at least that has been the popular thought among professionals who shift between both worlds but primarily exist in the latter.

There was once a time when that hair used to get him laid
Something needed to change. I know I haven’t been updating this blog regularly because there hasn’t been a whole lot to tell: online I go up, I go down, I go up, I go down. Lately, I’ve been going down more than up, so I needed to change up the dynamic. As one of my mentors, BodogAri once advised, when online gets him down, he’ll go play live to make himself feel better. It was time to head to the Strip and feel better.

So after four days of live tournament poker, and my laughably small sample size, my conclusion above holds, thanks to the pitchman savant of my youth, retired tennis star (and author??) Andre Agassi. Behold, a twentysomething Andre Agassi in his prime, lion mane of product-puffed locks flowing in the wind, returning serve with a cocky, rebellious grin while reminding us (courtesy of Canon Camera) that “Image Is Everything.” For live poker, image is everything.